Modular Tiny Houses

Frequently Asked Questions


The order in which we build our projects depends on the order in which we’ve received deposits.  Sometimes we have a long wait list and other times we’re ready to start building right away: please contact us to find out our current build schedule.​

After the final design is reviewed with the customer, the contract is signed, the deposit has been received, materials arrive and the house enters our production line, our tiny houses will typically be ready for delivery within 3 months.

Our production schedule varies throughout the year: if you need a tiny house ASAP, please let us know as early as you can that you’d like to reserve a spot for your tiny house project.

The starting price for our complete, turnkey tiny houses on wheels ranges between $15,000 and $50,000.  All of our Signature Models are customizable: certain customizations cost extra while others are included in the starting price.  

​Building your own tiny home, but need a little help from your friends.? Let us build the structure with quality materials that will have the home lasting for generations. With the shell of the home costing significantly less than a complete turn key model, we will be able to take the shell build to the stage that suits your budget and skill level for you to complete.

As long as you meet road requirements you can move your house without any permits or special requirements. You will need a driving license category B+E.

Yes! Our tiny houses can be lifted from the trailer using 4 legs, and easily removed by moving the trailer. 

We don’t ship overseas, but we can deliver a tiny house on wheels to the nearest border.  The buyer is responsible for arranging for the rest of the tiny house’s journey.

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Let's get in touch today! 😃 

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